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Welcome to the web site home of "The Wall of Unity" project.  See the links at the left:  "The Wall of Unity," a case statement about the project in English, Hebrew and Arabic.  The project envisions an end to the killing in the Middle East and the choice of life over death. 

The proposition is this:  the conflict in Israel/Palestine has ancient, deeply felt causes.  The solution to this conflict, however, lies not in the past, but in a future that has yet to be created.  The vehicle for this future consists of a wall, to be constructed in the region, on which will be inscribed the names of all who have died as a consequence of the violence, from 1/1/1984, the size of the wall to be large enough to accomodate the name of the last person to die as a result of the violence.  To a skeptic, committed to continued violence, who may say:  "It must be 100 miles long and have room for 1,000,000 names," the answer is "thank you."  Even that expression would consist of a great step towards peace:  envisioning a finite end to the violence.  That is the essence of the project:  giving concrete expression to what is now simply a hope.

Please follow the links and explore the presentation.  If it moves you, respond to the email address contained there samuel.fifer@snrdenton.com 

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